The 'European Museum of the Year Award' has been awarded for the past twenty years under the auspices of the European Council. It is a highly prestigious award for the most interesting museum layout of the year, that is a new, original arrangement of exhibits, attractive for visitors and a contribution to the world museum system. Innovations in display, differing from traditional gallery exhibitions, are also an asset.

    The Award Committee consists of the most eminent specialists in museum design, art critics and museum directors. Special correspondents, whose recommendations of certain museums are also considered, are involved in this process as well. The award is preceded by nominations on the recommendations by the Committee members, who visit the candidates in different countries. The nominations are considered at a meeting of the Committee, and the winner of the Award is selected from among them. In this year, on the Awards 20th anniversary, the Distillery Museum which has existed at the Lancut Distillery since March 18th, 1994, has received the nomination.

    The Distillery Museum received an award from the Ministry id Culture and Art in a competition for best user of a historic building in 1995.



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